OT design #7

Gil Cramer

The wooden canoe Shop, Inc.
Old Town design #7 on a 1923 Kennebec. Obviously painted by a sign painter and not myself. Thanks to Al Sienkiewicz for the dimensions.


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It's a customer's canoe,but I do presently own a w/c canoe. The sign painter that does my special designs is really an artist.
Nice job but a question about the equally neat trailer. Is that a commercial or homemade one? Looks handy for one canoe shuttles.
John, the trailer originally was a used 400# capacity trailer. I took it to my local metal fabricators and had them extend the tongue and make the "T" shaped cross-members. The tongue and cross-members are bolted in place and are adjustable from front to rear. It can carry 2 canoes or one small boat.