Ot 31820 17

Emerson Bornman

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I have the build record for this number. All seems to match the boat except the long decks. Perhaps the last number is not "0". Comments please.

Thank you


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Something isn't right with that number. 31820 is issued to a 17' CS grade HW model with open spruce gunwales and ash seats, decks and thwarts. It also had half ribs, sponsons and a keel. It was painted dark red and shipped to Vineland NJ. The ship date is not clear, but the boat was built in 1914.

I tried looking at other records 3182X, but nothing seemed to match the long decks. They seem to be longer than the 20" decks commonly put on an Otca - are they? The kingplank is interesting also.


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The second image looks like there are an extra set of holes in the inside rails from when the rear seat was moved forward. My guess is that the long decks were added after it left the factory. This does not appear to be a Kennebec or Carleton serial number.