Ot 147831


Hi Fred--

Your canoe's build record has something on it I haven't seen before and can only guess about, but probably others here may know...

Old Town 147831 is a 16 foot, CS grade Otca with spruce planking... and it's the spruce planking I haven't run across in looking up build records. Maybe they had a hard time getting cedar in the years directly following WWII... that's just a guess.

To continue (now that I've already spilled the beans re your canoe's birth-era), the canoe has open spruce gunwales, was fitted with a keel and painted dark green before being shipped to Kaufmann's in Pittsburgh, PA on May 6, 1947.

I've attached the record below... if you want a larger size scan, email me and I'll send directly to your email.

I know you're a member and that you'll be attending Assembly and look forward to spending time with you and Aleta.

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Thank Ya Kathryn,

I am only baby sitting this canoe while it's owner has traveled onward for a few days. (gas prices you know) It is a good chance for me to spend some time with a complete, un-molested OTCA. I've started the restoration on the first of two that I have.

The spruce planking notation has got to be a mistake. It looks like every other cedar canoe that I've ever seen. However, there are at least two big difference in the two canoes. First, the decks on my friends, (it's a 16 ft canoe) are the same length, but much flatter. (less radius between the combing and tip) The second thing I've noticed is my 17ft is 12" deep and the 16 is 13" deep. Any comments? Fred