Ot 11192 17


WCHA 7403
Could you pls supply the usual ID info.... yes, it's an ebay canoe with only nice photos and plenty of hype about looks and smooth paddling...
thanks... this is a great service

By chance did you overlook a "0" in the serial number...like 111092 17? Double check because SN 11192 is a 1909 16' HW. However, 111092 17 is a 17' HW in CS grade and shipped to White Plains, NY on 2/7/1933. It was built with spruce gunwales and oak decks, seats and thwarts. The original color was Fire Red. A build record is attached and if you do not think this is the canoe please send pictures or new SN.


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Cedar dust on the lenses is not a bad thing!

Old Town SN 111982 was shipped to New York on April 2, 1934. It is a 17' HW in "AA" grade with mahogany gunwales, decks, seats and thwarts. It was ordered with a keel and a floor rack and the original color was Yale Blue.

A build record is attached.


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