Only 4 months until the Assembly

Gil Cramer

The wooden canoe Shop, Inc.
Who knows, maybe I'll even get there. It's been so long since I've attended, I can go incognito. I really posted this nonsense just to get rid of that ugly red face that accompanied the last thread.
Gil, you'll never be able to come incognito - you're too good looking!

See you at Keuka,
Gil Cramer GOOD LOOKING???

Could this be the same Gil Cramer who owns the Wooden Canoe Chop Shop and Bookcase Co. in Bryan Ohio?


Hey, that gets me thinking. How about a WCHA calender? The boys of the WCHA. Dan, Dan, Gil, Rolllin as Mr. January, February, March, and April. Think of all the money that could be raised.
Thanks Chuck,
I will write 100 times; I have never made a bookcase! I have never made a bookcase! I have never made a bookcase! ...Is that 100 yet?
OK, so it's longer than 4 months, but daylight savings time means that we must spring forward. Even with global warming, it's been a long winter.
I agree

hey, i just got back from my long walk off a short pier and I agree, it's been a long winter. I am ready for spring.
Hmmm, folks from down south commenting about a "long winter". :)

Here spring is still a ways off, though it has been a pretty wimpy winter, with just a few days of below zero temps.

Cure for Cabin Fever...

Cure attached. You just have to tote boat a little further south!!:rolleyes: :cool:


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