Oldest "intact" Gerrish?

Douglas Ingram

Red River Canoe & Paddle
Anyone have info on the Gerrish canoe described in the latest "Paddler" magazine? I have only second hand reports about the story. Apparently its an all original Gerrish, including the canvas.
This was written up in Wooden Canoe Issue 126 (December 2004). It is quite possibly the earliest known to date. According to the article it does appear to be in original clothes. Another early one (but not as quite as early as this one) also survives, and apart from fresh paint and varnish, it is 100% intact.

Yeah the piece in Paddler is based on my WC article, and they called Steve who referred them to me for photos, which I supplied. I shall alert Steve that it’s out. He's still looking for a congenial home for it, I gather. Wanted to get it to the Assembly, but that slipped again on the program.

Does that mean that you think I should be reading Wooden Canoe more? (I'd have to renew my membership, Hmmm, maybe its not so bad now that the exchange rate is down...) Thanks!


Anyplace that I can access the info and see pictures? I don't get Paddler, and haven't read the Wooden Canoe article. (see above...)
old pc died so getting new one up and running. I could email you the MS text, which is sans photos. Maybe it will get scanned soon and show up on website at the journal.
Larry, that would be great. I did look for online version of back issues, but this issue of Wooden Canoe was not included