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Gary Willoughby

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Kathy thanks for the info I wish it was that canoe but I went over to my storage barn sanded the other stem and it is 127645. I am getting way to many of these old canoes but not as bad as you and Dennis.
Next time I get to the UP I will stop in and meet you and Dennis
Thank you
Now, now... there is no such thing as "too many old canoes"!

And here is the exciting information on Old Town 127645 (drum roll please...): 16' CS grade HW model, finished during May through August of 1939. It has open spruce gunwales, unspecified trim on decks/thwarts/seat frames but could be ash or any hardwood except mahogany. Fitted with a keel and sponsons. Are the sponsons still there? I bet you have carry thwarts too. Your canoe was given design 47... and I'll attach a picture of that below. It was shipped to Schaberg-Detrich Hardware Co. in Lansing, MI, on August 21, 1939.

Your scan is attached below... and you know the rest of the verbal drill, but to credit the image of design 47, look to The Complete Old Town Canoe Campany Catalog Collection, 1901- 1993, available on CD from http://www.wcha.org/catalog/ and http://www.dragonflycanoe.com/cdrom.htm on the web.

Looking forward to your visit sometime,



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Thanks Kathy
Yes it has sponsons and carry thwarts. Has one broken rail on the sponson the rails and deck are good ,no rot a half inch of paint on the inside I see only one broken rib. very good shape for its age. Its the only canoe that I have thats older than me.
Thanks again Kathy