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Gil Cramer

The wooden canoe Shop, Inc.
I'm breaking my MYOB rule on this canoe,but Item#140390422939 appears to have significant salt water damage to the fasteners. I would expect that much of the canoe will need to be re-tacked, and practically all of the screws are worthless. The white marks are not from age, but from the reaction of saltwater with brass. Otherwise; it looks like a really good canoe. Being from the Midwest, salt water damage was foreign to me until a certain Penn Yan swift showed up in the shop. Obviously, it made quite an impression. Gil
Too bad about that salt-water-reaction! This is a seller who did his/her homework in all other respects, and doesn't seem aware of the problems created by salt water. Glad you brought this up, Gil.

More good eyesite from Gil. :)

I have a '27 HW at home that must have seen salt water sometime in the past, as all/most of the tacks are missing the sharp ends, and it needs a complete retack. :(

good ol' salt, not !

I sent a note to the ebayer regarding the salt condition very early on and he seemed a little reluctant to understand the issue and the consequences.been there, done that, and not pretty. Certainly hope he adds the new info to the listing. Dave
Thanks for the insight. Another other side of saltwater is that while it eats fasteners, it also "pickles" the wood, albeit at a slower rate. Not a very good trade off in w/c canoes, but worthy of mention.