Old Town Hardware - 1992 Penobscot


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Does anyone know of a good source (and the correct size) of a replacement brass nut for the bolts on a '92 OTC wood trim Penobscot? The bolt is still fine, but my trips to Home Depot and Lowes have demonstrated that OTC used a bolt size somewhere between 10/24 and 10/32 - no brass nut in stock seems to work. While we'll probably just end up replacing the whole bolt, it just seems a bit silly...
I worked in the fastener industry for 30 years. There is no standard sized bolt between 10-24 and 10-32. There would be no reason for OT to use a special for this. My hunch is that it may be a 12-24. 12-24 is the size that OT used on their brass diamond head bolts forever. If brass is not available at your local box store, check for stainless, or use plain plated steel nuts. If in fact it is a #12 and you absolutely must have brass, contact Jamestown Distributors at www.jamestowndistributors.com. They might sell one nut or ask for a "sample". OR, just contact me...I'll send you one or as many as you need. Just received 100 of the little boogers!