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Tim Hammell

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Looking for info on boat I just picked up. I do believe it is old town #141854 16. Any help? The boat needs restoration work but is in great shape; only damage is on tips of stems. Have a second boat #111851, and I actually have the original paper work for this one. SHipped to Syracuse Ny in 1933. Again, this boat is in great shape as far as the wood goes but needs restoration. Nervous about doing the work on these boats myself. Any first timer stories? Tim
Ot 141854


This question was best answered under the "Serial Number Search" section but here is your info.

OT #141854 was shipped on September 6, 1945 to Buffalo, New York. It was ordered as a 16' "OTCA" in AA grade and ash gunwales, decks, thwarts and seats with a keel. The original color was dark green with a sage green bottom. A build record is attached.

Tim, if you are not already a member, please consider joining the WCHA to help support this service and many other services associated with the organization. Considerable grants and volunteer hours have built this forum and can also provide expert guidance in the restoration/repair from the experts.

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Thanks for the info, Ric. I'm sure that this isn't the forum for selling boats, but do you have any leads on where to find people interested in purchasing a restoration project? Thanks, Tim