Old Town 115811

Ray Irons

Paddler WCHA #7610
This is the canoe for sale in the Wooden Canoe market place. I am curious about the stated build date, 1909. My 1924 HW has sn. 83600. I wonder if either the sn. or the date is inaccurate. In any case it sounds like a wonderful canoe. I am learning something new about canoes all the time. Thanks.
Ray Irons
Hi Ray-- You're very right in your observations-- Old Town 115811 is a Yankee model, shipped July 13, 1935 to Milwaukee. I'll attach the record below... see if it seems to match the canoe in question.

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The boat described (Iss. 163) is a 17ft. H. W. 1909, green, grade AA. $3,500, recently restored.
Thanks, he must have a number wrong.