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Dear Mr. Gray:
Thank you for replying to my message to Old Town Canoe of Feb. 6. From your instructions I have located the Serial No. of my canoe as follows: 4255 15. Please send a copy of the original build record as noted in your message of Feb. 13. Thank you again for your interest and assistance.

Charles Wilson
1 Pinecrest Dr.
Queensbury, NY 12804
Dear Mr. Wilson,

You don't need to address your message so formally or to me specifically since there are many volunteers here who can help find a build record for you. Unfortuantely, it appears that there may be an error in your serial number transcription since Old Town assigned numbers 4255, 14255, and 114255 to 18 foot long canoes. The canoe in the pictures that you sent does not appear to be that long. There does not appear to be any record for this number in the Carleton or Kennebec information either. Please verify the length of your canoe and reply here with an indication of which digit is the least clear in the serial number. I suspect that it is not the last one since there are no 15 foot long canoes in the 4250 to 4259 range. The build record for the canoe with serial number 42559 as shown below looks very similar to your pictures for example. Let us know what you find and we may be able to help more.



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