not a canoe but still stich and glue

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Next down the ways....


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keel laid !

Well, scarphed anyways. :rolleyes:
As Dan well knows, happiness is many containers full of residual epoxy hardening. Cant wait to buy the Shaw & Tenney spoon oars:D :D
Gotta go buy more clamps....:eek:


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behold the barbwire boat

sore fingers = big grin


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Hey Scott,
its a CLC Skerry
not a canoe, but at times the S&G forum is largely dormant.
I really like Oughtred designs, but with toddlers and a newborn this is quicker.
Assembled and seams tacked with epoxy in one day, wires out tomorrow evening and fill the laps, turn it over and off we go. Holds more budding sailors than the 16/30.
It may not be a canoe, per say, but from what I've read there is a lot of evidence to lead one to believe that many of the early double-enders like the peapod and the skerry were developed by the whiteman after seeing the Native American ocean canoes (Penobscot and Quoddy Indians).

I've been thinking about making a rowing boat for the last couple years but always seem to get sidetracked with canoe stuff. My toss-up is between the Maine Peapod and a Rangley but after your post I'm inspired to spend some time researching the Skerry. I want to do traditional lapstrake with bent ribs so any one of these three will fit that bill....maybe THIS winter.