Nippersink Creek


Unrepentant Canoeist
Today, I floated my cedar strip down Nippersink Creek, in NE Illinois, yet again. What a great effort by the McHenry County Conservation District, in restoring this creek to its original meandering ways, after it got channelized for agricultural purposes many years back! Every time I float this creek, it takes me back 175 years, to its earliest pre-European Settlement days... open spaces, wide horizons, abundant wildlife... Eventually, I realize that I'm not more than 90 minutes' drive from 4 distinct metropolitan areas... but that doesn't seem to matter... Of all the creeks & rivers I paddle around here, this one soothes my soul best. This creek makes me want to get my 1946 Otca restored to "Seaworthy" status, so I can paddle it down this quiet stream... but so many projects, no time for any of them... but when I float down this creek, I understand where my priorities should be...

If you ever pass through this corner of the world, don't miss this creek. It's a real gem!