Nice long soak

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Since there's a fireban in place except for night burning, figured I'd soak it before I hit the fiberglass with the torch just to be safe. Unbelievably the blackflies are out, albeit not too hungry yet. Glass kept the hull nice and straight, after its off new inner stems will make the work go quicker.
Check back in a year!


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Andre, we never thought a fire ban would slow you down!

Did you ever find out who the builder of that canoe was?

Hi Steve,
Ken was good enough to send me this picture, I think its a Roberston but I havent stripped it yet so dont know if there's any markings on it, or on the thwart. Looks like it'll need to be replanked after i make stems, but I only see 2 broken ribs that will be backsided, and as you saw when you picked it up its a really bad glass job. I was just nervous of putting the heat to it, as dry as it was.


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Happiness is a pile of 'glass

remarkably straight, replanking should be a breeze...
Can this be attributed to Robertson by the planking? forgot to shoot the goring but I can do that too.


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Robertson Planking Pattern


Here is the planking pattern on a tagged Robertson 16 footer.



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Thanks Fitz, looks the same even with the torpedo vs regular recurve. Sure seems to be a Robertson. Nicely done article in the journal by the way; quite the character was Mr Neal. Now if only they still made mahogany trees the same size as they used to I'd be laughing.:mad:
Tacks too.

I just noticed the tacking pattern looks similar too.

Good luck with this one. Should be a beauty.

2 years and 4 months to our 10yr anniversary, should be done by then - thats my ulterior motive;);) Lots of time to practice gold leaf.:eek:
stem details and stamp

Okay Fitz, need to strip 'em and rub 'em, but i think i make out a 17 and maybe that 33 or something with a 3. Nice bevels on the end too. will check the one remaining thwart when i strip the paint off of it. :confused:


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I think I make out "1793 17", but it is a real reach. The fourth picture seemed to show it.

I found "1850" or 1860" on mine yesterday.

Just to fill in the details for this thread, we had a stamped and tagged Robertson out yesterday to look at the deck structure. The light was just right for me to notice a serial number on the stern stem under the seat and deck that I hadn't seen before. It was stamped in relatively small letters on the stern stem only. I couldn't get under the deck and seat easily, but I think it was "1850" or "1860". I did not see the "33" or the length indicated in the format of the number, and the stamp was not the open faced typed stamp. But if I had to guess, this canoe is older than the "33" boat that I have.
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personally, if I cant read the serial number............I burn it!

Uh huh. Prove it - perhaps a picture or two..;)
Better yet, we can do one at assembly:eek:

I think its 1798 and a 17, but i will check when i strip it. It's handy having a gaping hole in the deck to put the camera through, I'll also check if there's a shorter deck underneath.