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Dan Miller

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Permits have been obtained, timbers ordered, excavator and concrete guys arranged - we'll be breaking ground on my new workshop in the next week or two! For those who haven't heard, I have left my position as curator at the Antique Boat Museum (an amicable parting and I will remain involved with this most excellent museum), and am going back to canoe building.

In celebration of this, I have redesigned my website, and am working on a New and Improved (!) Wood Canoe Identification Guide. I invite you to take a look at

You are now returned to your regularly scheduled programming...
Site looks fantastic, and photography is wonderful...
Congrats! Glad to see current offerings dont include brass mast tubes and flanges....
Dan great looking site...and new building sounds great too.... a 'nifty little timber framed building built in a French vernacular style'!!!!!.....can't wait to see photos....look forward to updates soon
Things are looking up!
The decks page is a very concise reference. Well done.
Good luck with the new construction and shop.