Newbie looking for help in Upstate NY


I was just wondering if there is anybody that restores/builds boats in the Saratoga Springs/Albany NY area. I am working on restoring my first boat with zero knowledge other that what I get here and in the books I took out of the library. Although that is a lot of info, I still need some guidance about what parts if any need a total tear out, or which planks need replacing (I am willing to pay for the expertise and advice). Thanks so much!
Wait a minute-- Ryan needs information about the Assembly! If we can drive across several states... well, the Assembly is in his back yard! What better way to crank up someone's excitement about their canoe?!

Kathy ... already making plans! Hope to be there at least a day or two.

Dan, thanks I will reach out to MikeCav ... and I will also be stopping into your shop in the next month or two (I'll give you notice). Hope you don't mind!!
I live right up the road in Keene. I've restored several W/C canoes. I'd be happy to share my meager knowledge with you.
Thanks Bill! I assume since you are so close that you will be at the Assembly? I will look for you while I am there. Thanks for the response.