New Valley of the Meramec Chapter

Walter Hauck

LOVES Wooden Canoes
Announcing the start of the Valley of the Meramec chapter in the St. Louis area for anyone in Missouri or Illinois. We hope to have our first meeting sometime in the early spring, based on member interest. Anyone interested please respond to this post.
John & Dorothy Strasser, Wally and Marty Hauck

Hello I know this is an old post. Hope you got your group together. Not many wood boats here in Bourbon. After 30 yrs of plastic boats, I just got a 60 yr old wood canoe, does need some work.could use some advice on were to start C Betz
Valley of the Meramec

Hi Chris,
Good to hear from you! We are interested in hearing more about your canoe.
Bourbon is not that far from St. Louis. Yes, the Chapter is active. We have a canoe outing planned for November 6-8---a leisurely float on the Lower Cache River in southern Illinois, and camping at Fern Cyffe State Park. You would be more than welcome to join us---wooden boats not required!..Wally Hauck