New uses for canoe-building tools

Michael Grace

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Here's one just for fun... test the back-up-and-running web site! The photo below shows that you may be able to creatively prove to others that your woodworking/building/restoration tools have a great variety of uses... that you really are a productive member of society after all...

This is one of my graduate students in my workshop using a Delta 14" bandsaw with riser block and high quality blade, properly tensioned and aligned of course, to cut sections of a plastic-embedded eye from a tarpon. These magnificent fish are top predators in marine waters, and one of the most sought-after gamefish in the world. The next photo is a fluorescence micrograph of one eye showing the rod cells (night-time vision) glowing red, cone cells (daytime vision) in green, and all other cells glowing blue.

So you see Mom, wife, etc... working on those derelict boats has side benefits! Trust me, old wooden canoes are great!

By the way, the two canoes peeking out behind the saw are an Old Town of some make (bottom), and a very early E.M. White (top, yellow canoe).



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