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I have just purchased an older Old Town Canoe with the serial number 221253I am just trying to find our how old is my canoe and what model is it. My wife and I plan on doing some 2 to 3 day camping trips this summer and just want to know what kind of loads it will handle

Thank you for your help.

The scanned records only go up to 210999 so no one here can tell you much about your serial number 221253. Old Town numbers don't typically contain letters. You can send $3 to the factory and they should be able to send you a copy of the build record. The address and part number are listed at if you want more information about contacting the factory.

The Coast Guard's identification number will start with XTC and the last two digits should be the year when it was shipped. My guess is that your canoe is probably from the mid-1980s.

If it is 17’ 2” long, 37” wide, 15” deep, 25” high at the bow, and weighs 80 pounds then you probably have a Tripper model. This was listed with an approximate carrying capacity of 1100 pounds which should be fine for weekend camping trips with two people.

Feel free to reply here if you have any other questions.

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I would have to agree.

HI... After checking through MY downloaded records I find that I would have to agree with Benson Gray's evaluation. My downloaded information also does not cover the serial number you posted. BUT IF i follow the information I do have, I also get the 1980's as a probable time frame. There is one point that I might caution you about and that is to make absolutly certain that you have read the serial number correctly. Benson is correct (And he should be) in indicating that the serial number ends in the lenght of the canoe, So if you canoe is , lets say sixteen foot... The last two numbers of your canoe should be 16 following a space between the preceding numbers. You can determine this by measuring the overall lenght of your canoe. I would also caution you to be carefule not to confuse numbers with 'cerrifs' to be letters. They can be easily confused. I know, I made that mistake too. "Cerrifff"s are those little 'tails' on the letters... For a good example, check the font selection for TIMES NEW ROMAN in you word proccessing program.