Canoes & Guideboats
I'd like to share a few photos of two canoes that I launched last week.

I built these boats over an open form using Alex Comb's Unity plans.

I had plenty of expert help along the way. Many years ago I took a canvasing course from Jerry Stolmok. Although old age has dimmed a lot of my memories, enough of Jerry's words of wisdom remained to help me through that process.I relied very heavily on Alex's form building and canoe building DVD's and Rollin Thurlow's wood steaming and boat building videos. Of course Jerry and Rollin's book was always near-by.

If you're interested, I have a photo gallery of the building process at:


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OK, great boats, great job, but the shot of the little one on the canoe is the best. What a great shot. Frame that one!!!!!!
Thanks for the comments. The little guy is Julian, my first grandchild. His mother is from northern Norway. So with that Viking heritage, I think he'll be a great boatsman.
I've always encouraged paddling children.

That's funny!


Let me know if you plan to put them into Mirror Lake anytime soon and I'll send my son Bill a note to toss his in to meet you near the beach or wherever. He would love to see your work and you might like to see the canoe he paddles.