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Stephanie John

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hey there,
My father started a new carpentry shop recently. We are all delighted and excited about the new beginning. We only started this as a small venture. But we are currently receiving orders more than we expected. Therefore, a lot of space is required to store the timber and the completed works safely.

While thinking about storage space, a friend of mine mentioned to me about buying shipping containers for storing purposes. We felt very seriously about it and finally decided to buy shipping containers to meet our needs.

Friends, what should we look for when choosing a container for storing timbers? Also, share your opinions and experiences on this. I'm eagerly waiting for your reply.

I know that Paul Miller uses old semi trailers for storage, and must have good luck with them.
From my one and only experience, I would recommend some kind of ventilation and stickering of stacked wood.
I had a restorer/friend that passed away and I was allowed to purchase whatever ash and mahogany gunwale stock that he had. The ash was kept un-stickered in a semi trailer. I walked away from a lifetime of gunwale stock because it had molded.