Need info on Old Detroit Boat Co. canoe #993 length 16 ft.

Rachel Jones

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Has any one info on the Detroit Boat co. canoes? That is what i have been told it is. I think it may be the Hudson River model. White cedar and spruce and old "falling apart' dk green canvas How many did they make altogether? As I have found out the were from 1900 to 1920. Would this be an early #? Where was the "medallion' supposed to be? On one of the "decks"? I am a real novice at this but I am intrigued by this old canoe. Can anyone give me any info ,please? Thanks Rachel
Detroit Boat Company


Jump over to; the home of Dan Miller. Once there, scroll down to the "wood canoe indentification guide" for some brief knowledge on the Detroit Boat Company. If you can post some pictures, this may help others to provide you with additional information.

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Ric Altfather