name that serial number....


Mad Badger
In Memoriam
OK folks, what is this from?


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Hey Dave, both of you. :)

Dave O, congrates on completing your "schooling".
and, re the Racine, have you ever seen a S/N like that one in a Thompson?
I have one on the shelf that years ago, Dan M and I studied the catalogs and "determined" it was a T Ranger, but it has a S/N stamped a lot like this one, so..??

And Dave Badger,
next time you get to the Cities, let me know and stop in.
(I'd still like to sneak that OT on your car. :)

DAN Lindberg<
I went to the Dan Miller School of Wood Canoe Identification. What a contribution Headmaster Dan has made to all of us!

Is it possible that the canoe that you and Dan studied was a hybrid? Thompson and Racine were building at the same time, in the same state, along Lake Michigan. Other canoe builders helped each other out from time to time. The Morris/Kennebec thing and the Old Town/English thing comes to mind....
I have not seen such a stamp in a Thompson, although it doesn't rule it out.
Thanks to both Dan and Dave. Is there a way I can now delete this thread? I hate clogging up the forum site.
Dave B,

Why would you want to delete the string?
This is what a BB forum is for, and in 3-4 days, it will be old and scrolled down and most folks won't see it again, unless they do a search for Racine.
And it's just a few 'lectrons and storage is cheap.