Moving to the Dark Side?

Good job fitz,The millcreek was my first attempt at boat building(hence the name)I found it to be a good introduction to boat building and a great boat to paddle,I use mine on the rivers out here in alberta and regularly paddle class 2 rapids with it

I am not sure a Manly Man, like me should be asking you this, but where did you get your skirt?:D
The skirt was an after thought,I had my dads friend sew it,it is held on with snaps(put one half on skirt then align second half on coming)It has a tunnel that comes up around your waist and a zipper up the side so you dont half to unsnap the whole thing to get in the boat,it also has a pocket inside so I can put in a piece of thin plywood to make the skirt rigid for putting things on (camera,lunch,fishing tackle)