Motel Reservation Opportunity

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
Sadly, Denis and I won't be able to attend the Assembly, due to my employer's change of mind regarding my vacation. Much as I'd like to walk off the job because I was denied my vacation, that doesn't work for me financially.

Before canceling our motel reservation, I thought I'd mention it here... in case someone out there is looking for a place that permits dogs and has all the amenities of a little cottage. It's at the Colonial Motel, which is very close to Keuka College. The Cottage is a duplex, with WCHA members Lee and Fred Capanos occupying the other unit ( a wonderful plus).

Let us know if you want to take over the reservation, and I'll call the folks at the motel!



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I had an employer try that years ago. I just told them "Fine, I quit". They backed down as opposed to losing me. I wouldn't do that now a days though. It is the wrong time to be trying to find a job. ( I have been unemployed for 3 months now). If it were not for being unemployed, I'd be at the assembly this year. I'd LOVE to make it to one, cash in hand!