Morris Redo

Denis M. Kallery

Passed Away July 3, 2012
In Memoriam
I'm starting to redo a 1915 [near as we can figure] Morris and have run into something that I would appreciate suggestions on. Apparently the old gent that had this canoe used red lead primer on the interior. Even using Methylene Cloride stripper is not removing it all. Particularly between the ribs and !/2 ribs from the planking. It also seems to have soaked into the ribs. Acetone does take it off, with an inordinate amount of scrubing -but not too well between the ribs. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks! Denis
Picture that...

Thought it might help if I offered a little visual inspiration... (if this works-- I haven't posted a picture before)

Here's Denis, and the Morris... maybe, if I actually attached it...



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(Denis Kallery asked that I provide this information, as his computer isn't letting him post images.) Denis took the B.N. Morris to Parry Sound, Ontario, and spent a week working under the guidance of Pam Wedd. Attached are pictures of a jig Denis made for holding the clamp and outside stem band in proper position while it was setting, after it was steam-bent.

The ol' Morris is looking pretty spectacular-- much left to do-- more stories and progress reports to follow...



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