Morris canoes - values??

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Hey there,

I've come across 2 Morris canoes - a 16' and a 17'.

They're both all original and in excellent shape. They're used, but not abused. Nothing on either one appears to be broken or rotten. Their canvas is OK, but it should be redone.

Anyway, does anyone out there know what these boats may be worth? Compared to more common boats like OTs, do Morris's command premium prices?


The Canoe Kid
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Hi Canoe Kid,

I'm Canoeboy, I would pay more for a Morris, but I doubt you'd get more for it on eBay then you would an Old Town. The average canoe person doesn't know Morris history or quality.

And as everyone on the site says, It's worth whatever you can get someone to pay you for it.

Post some pictures.