More Pictures...


Ah, a mixed blessing... Lots more storage capacity needed BUT if most of the members are like me, I surf almost daily just to read about what's going on and if there are pictures... WOW! That's where I see different construction techniques, color schemes, repair conditions, brand differences, etc. and I really appreciate them. A major part of the overall experience of the WCHA...

IDEA!!! How about promoting more photo's? How many times has someone asked for photo's after a thread? Maybe place a header on the forums main page stating "Pictures are worth a thousand words" or some other more orginal statement that will remind users to get out their cameras and snap, snap for the benefit of all.

Rise up and shout... Join the band wagon... Yeah, more pictures...

CYA, Joe
Heres some pics of our current project that we're aiming to launch on father's day . . . couple coats of paint are now. more pics to come :) thanks for everyones help along the way!


(sorry for so many pics of the same thing my mom tends to go a little crazy with the digital camera)
Thanks for sharing the photos Zach. What color did you decide on??

No seats in this canoe??
not finished yet . . .

we went with dark green from old town since that's what it was originally when my grandpa bought it and we are surprising him with the restoration. it has seats and they are just about ready to go back in. we have one or two more coats of paint, the stem bands, finish up the floor rack and a couple coats of varnish for the outwales left and then it should pretty much be done. can't wait to get it back on the water! i'll post some more pics here soon when i have time.

OK' I'll bite. Here are a couple of nice shots of canoes I've built. I've got plenty more if you like...


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