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I've got a molded plywood canoe hanging in the garage, and know nothing about it, or molded canoes, except the article from Wooden Canoe #105. First off, is this the right sub-group for discussion of molded boat construction? It's going to take a lot of restoration work. Am I going to find any marks on it that will help identify its manufacture as a Haskell, or something else? Tips on how to approach restoration of this type boat will be appreciated. Tom McCloud
I once had a Haskell that had a tag on it that said "Carom Company"... Carom was a board game company owned by Old Man Haskell..
Anyway, as far as restoration goes, maybe you can photograph and describe the areas that need repair so that the forum members can more easily post suggestions.
Cheers to all!!
Thanks for the response, Dave. At this stage I am trying to gather information. I don't own a digital camera yet, so photos won't be coming quickly. I'm not positive it is a Haskell. Quite coincidently, I Googled the topic and found a current listing for a Haskell for sale on what appears to be a local bulletin board (Kijiji) in Flint, Michigan. It's hard to argue that this isn't a Haskell, as he shows the decal clearly. But in looking at the photos, that boat seems to have very different lines from the one I have. For anyone else who wants to look, the ad is titled 1930 Haskell "Indian Dream" wood canoe, MI made, Gaylord, MI Price US $2000.00. and the ad ID: 21749708. With my boat, someone in the past has slathered a thick layer of 'institutional green", you know, that color somewhere between turquoise and green that was probably found in your grade school, all over the inside, and so any original markings or decals are not visible. Aside from paint removal, my boat will require new outwales, plus there are a couple holes that were patched with sheet metal. Patching those holes in a way such that to canoe looks original again has me puzzled. Would one try to build up the hull to its original thickness and shape by using several layers of veneer? Tom McCloud