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Will canoe, and have been canoed,
I have a canoe -- I've always wanted a yacht. Found this with google search: "turn your canoe into a yacht" It's pretty high tech.

Here's a canoe trip gone bad:


Woodrage Paddles
PO BOX 823
Ashland WI 54806


A number of WCHA members have recommended your paddles to me.

I trust these fine people and know that they have enjoyed your products. They rave about the feeling they get when they or their partner used a Woodrage paddle.

I am an amatuer when it comes to using paddles, but I want to become proficient. I believe that I need to paddle often, but I am concerned about any pain and discomfort.

Since I would like to paddle solo, I think that using a wooden paddle with a bent shaft would get me where I want to be. Do you know of anyone who uses your paddles with bent shafts?

I searched your online catalog without success. If you could reply as soon as possible I would appreciate it.


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