Milwaukee River/Cedar Creek


Matt Wimmer

Anyone interested in paddling the upper Milwaukee River from Hwy 28 in Kewaskum, Wi. to West Bend, Wi. it is clear of debris (fallen trees, etc) and the water level is just above normal. The water current is just above normal speed making it excellent paddling for any canoe or kayak. Special thanks goes out to the local snowmobiles clearing the rivers of fallen trees.
Also Cedar Creek is an excellent paddle from a report given to me by my paddling pal. If interested put in at Horn's Corners at Cty Hwy G and paddle to the old mill in Cedarburg, Wi.
My best estimates is the water levels should stay the way they are for a couple of weeks and will probably recede by mid April. But, who knows its Wisconsin and it could storm for a week.
Happy Paddling. :cool: