Michigan Canoe Trails


Trout Bum
There was an older book called something like, "Michigan Canoe Trails." Does anyone have an extra copy they would part with? I've found parts of it on-line, but I'd like to have one in the library.

Thanks, Benson! Nice resource I didn't know existed. (Boy, that's gotta be one of the largest groupings around!)

MI canoe trails

i've seen copies in book stores---here in Michigan. Or was that a dnr, booklet? Hmm, not I'm not sure.
Dave: I have a copy of Michigan Canoe Trails. It was put out in the '60s by the old Michigan Dept. of Conservation. It opens up to 34"x26" with a map of Michigan on one side and 59 canoe trips/trails described on the reverse. Perhaps the Michigan Chapter could secure permission to have it reprinted if there was enough interest. However, since its publication, there have been three or four much more indepth Michigan canoe trip books published. Stop by sometime and take a look at it. Russ