mccloskeys spar varnish


Has anyone used this product on canoes? I have used it to refinish bamboo flyrods and it does have a good rep. thanks Mike
In marine varnish and paint, I've found out that you get what you pay for. I buy mine here:
With that said, I used McCloskeys on one canoe several years ago. It worked fine. I used it because they offered a matte finish that my customer desired and I couldn't find it in more expensive varnish at the time. McCloskeys will probably be cheaper, readily found at hardware and box stores, but it is rather thin and does not build up as fast as, say... Epifanes. McCloskey's will get you there, but it will require more time due to additional coats with sanding in between.
Several of us are using Epifanes Wood Finish Gloss for 3 coats then sand and use Epifanes Gloss Clear Varnish as a topcoat or two.
Time and effort savings is in the WoodFinish Gloss coats because as long as you recoat within 72 hours you don't need to sand it until just before the Clear Gloss Varnish topcoat.
Hmm, I started with the ACE brand spar varnish for the same reason. It served me well on bamboo rods, so I figured it would do the same on a canoe.

From at least this one reply I get the impression that a higher priced varnish will have a higher/quicker build.

Is that the general consensus?
Thanks Dave, I am familar with Epifanes. Made in holland? You do indeed, get what you pay for..... Except maybe our taxes.......Thanks again. Mike
Ok, Not to beat a dead horse here. ( the old nag kicked me too many times) but..... went to Hamilton Marine web site in Portland Me. They sell Epifanes and also a product called Bristol Finish which is pricey and seems to be a two part mix but is advertised as a varnish. When I do this I want it to last longer than the orginal varnish. So please bear with me. It is advertised as not needing sanding between coats. Has anyone used or heard of it. Thanks again Mike
Joe Seliga used McCloskeys so I used it to touch up the 1978 example I have.

So it passes the Seliga test anyway....
Thanks everyone. McCloskeys it is. I thought there might be a varnish clash between my old town and my granger......