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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have just purchased a wooden canoe it is 13 1/2 ' long at the bow inside the canoe there is a # 4866 and at the stern there is a # but it is very hard to make out possible 5_7_ or 57_ or just 5_7 ! all the screws are square heads and as far as i know the canoe came from the ontario area in canada. Any help with a make ,year and model would be greatly appreicated. I can provide more info if needed .

more info.

Here is a little more info that may help ! the planks measure 3" the ribs measure 1 1/2" and the canoe is aprox 29" across the center and is aprox 13" high measured at the center of canoe. the canoe is in pretty good shape with just a few small cracks in the canvas (or fiberglass ) how do i tell the difference ? what ever it is covering the canoe at the cracks it is very thin and seems brittle! also the planking seems to be very thin wood aswell. hope this helps,i would really like to know what make and model,year ect this canoe may be. at this point i think i will revarnish the inside and just make repairs to the 3 small cracks on the out side and then give it a paddle. thanks.....
What we also would like to know:
-type of screws, slotted, phillips, square? (Slotted says U. S. made.)
-photos, resized of course so they fit. click on Manage attachments below and browse for wherever you stored them on your computer. Pics of decks, stem, seats, thwarts, the details.
-type of wood if you know.

If you rap on the side with your knuckle the canvas sounds diferent than 'glass. Canvas is more of a thud. 'glass has more of bang to it. 'glass is more musical than canvas. Or you could just unscrew one of the gunnels to be sure. For small hairline cracks it probably is canvas. Sand with 220 and paint and paddle. 'glass canoes tend to be heavier also. Planking could be as thin as 1/8" With 1 1/2" rib width, I'd guess you have a canadian canoe.

I am not good at identification but if you post with more info, you'lll find out how smart some of these guys are.

Cabin fever Dave.
more info ,with pics .

Thanks dave ,I will have to go rap on the canoe later today.Will post results then.I am going to give this a try and get some pics posted. All screws are square heads. Hope these pics work ! thanks...


  • Cedar Strip Interior Top View_9.JPG
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  • Rapaired Red Fibreglass with Cedar Strip Interior_9.JPG
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Knock !

Well a gave it a rap and i am still not sure ! it sounds more like a knock to me ! just like knocking on someones front door.I did check out the dragon fly site and i can kind of narrow it down to a peterborough,canadian canoe comp,ontario canoe comp,or maybe english canoe comp (some how i think it is a peterborough or linked to that company somehow ! ) I was hoping someone could match up the #s i had somehow ! anyone ! thank you :)
Sounds like 'glass to me. canvas is more like a thud. When you get ready to restore, this site has a wealth of experience and advice.

I had a reply from someone who thinks it may be a peterborough ( champlain "low end " model ) can anyone confirm this ! my canoe is only 13 1/2 ' i thought the champlain was a 16' model ! or does anyone have pics of there own peterborough champlain model in 13 1/2' ! thanks........