Made some knives, using birchbark!

Rob Stevens

Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Here's a photo of the results of my latest experimental foray into knife making (actually, just adding handles to blades).
The striped portion of the handles are birchbark!
Two knifes with curly maple ends (one of these is a very old Swedish Mora knife I found at a garage sale), and one with black cherry.
And a larger blade with black cherry handle.
Frosts Swedish (Mora) blades are available from Lee Valley Tools, among other places.,51222&ap=1
and,51222&ap=1 (Just remove the existing handle, guard and bolster and add your own)

And I really like the "no sew" sheath too. (Still have to treat those with beeswax.) That sure saves a lot of time. Hand sewing leather was never my favourite pasttime.



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You have had quite a busy off-season, eh? They look great, but now it's time to go paddling! I am glad you posted this here since I couldn't open the attachment in your e-mail.

Have you put those sheaths through their paces yet? How do they work out under real life conditions?

Rob, couldnt resist adding this to the collection. Picked it up in West Virginia 2 weeks ago. Not even vaguely canoe related, but it is railroad spike related:p
At least the handle wont get loose or rot off AND i can pound tent spikes in with it!


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