Looks Like An OldTown To Me


Curious about Wooden Canoes
My son's father-in-law in northern Maine has what he believes is an otca that has a serial number of RC51437 on the stem. If that is a good s/n, is there a build record for it? Thanks

That isn't an Old Town serial number, rather, it is a Penn Yan Rainbow. Great canoes, the Rainbows.
There are no known records from the Penn Yan Company, so there's no way to connect the serial number to a build record.

Some information on Penn Yan can be found by using the "search" function above (and typing in "Penn Yan" and maybe adding Rainbow) and by going to www.dragonflycanoe.com/id/. Scroll to Penn Yan on the left.

After WWII and before 1957, Penn Yan used the first 2 digits to indicate the year of manufacture. A serial number with the digits starting with 51 probably indicates that the canoe was made in 1951. Gil