Looking for information on Identifing Canoe


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I am trying to find out about a old canoe. I believe it is a turn of the century Peterborough Canoe. It is in pretty good condition except for the hole in the side from someone taking it down the Delaware Rapids. So it is in need of a bit of work . I am trying to find out its worth in good condition vs. what it is worth now in it's present condition. Should I fit it before selling it or fix it first then sell it? OR should I keep it and hope to be able to find time to use it? Any takers?
(See attached link for photos)


damage photos:

You do have some major damage and the skill required to fix a board and batten canoe are a bit higher than to fix a wood canvas and you definitely want to have it done right or the value could go down.

That said, the value is always what someone will pay at the moment, and in this case they would have to feel confident they could make the repairs.

Good luck if you choose to repair.

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