Lofting Canoe Plans on Competer


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I am a cedar strip canoe builder hoping to start lofting my plans on computer rather than on paper. I can easily turn my tables of offsets into a table of Cartesian coordinates but I am having surprising troubles finding an easy way to plot these coordinates to an accurate, fair, and to scale size curve.
Any suggestions or guidance from fellow builders would be greatly appreciated!

Jim Dodd

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I'm pretty much Old School, or just Old.
But a good friend does great work using the free Delftship.

If you have any computer skills, I'd look into it.



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This looks very promising! I will most definitely look into this! Much appreciated!
I also prefer the old school way of paper and pencil too, as I would imagine that is the case with most people inclined to joyfully engage in the process of building such craft; we just love that sort of stuff, but as I am hoping to make a livelihood out of this I figure it may be wise of me to streamline some parts of the process. I will be sure to return to paper and pencil from time to time though!
Thank you so much for the suggestion!