Lakefield for sale

Advertising is generally not permnitted in these forums so if you are looking for a better offer then posting a classified advertisment at will get a much better response. If you are looking for information about how to value your canoe then the message at should answer your questions. One alternative would be to put it up for auction at or a live auction and see what the open market thinks that it is really worth. I am not an expert on Lakefields but an $800 offer for your canoe sounds reasonable to me.

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Thank you for your kind response and recommendations. I was not trying to solicit a better offer but I can see where someone would think that I was! I tried to find the classifieds to see if there were other Lakefields for sale. I trust your input and recommendation and will take the $800 offer tomorrow. Again I apologize for being ignorant of the forum policies. Since I'm too old and infirmed, I probably will not be back on this forum (I wish my health would allow me - I envy you guys!). Its OK to remove my name from your membership list.