Klondike Canoes, Lake Lindon, MI


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I have a friend who has a few Klondike Canoes, each hand built by a Mr. Elmer Johnson of Lake Lindon, MI (upper peninsula). The work is extraordinary and my friend had the fortune of actually building his canoe alongside Elmer. My friend attended Michigan Tech University and became close with Elmer over some years. I wonder if anyone here knew of Elmer and his Klondike Canoes, as I believe he has now passed on.
I haven't heard of Mr. Johnson or his canoes, but having built a 20' sectional Klondike canoe myself, I'd be very interested in learning more.

Any photos?!

If interested, you can see photos and an article about it on my website.
Yes, Elmer has passed away. I have heard that his son is now making some canoes. I hope to take a trip up there yet this summer - Lake Linden is about 100 miles from Marquette. Someone recently was telling me that he and Joe Seliga were good friends. Peace, Denis
Two page article about Elmer Johnson and his wife in Wooden Canoe Issue 75. (Don't have it? Buy the Wooden Canoe Archive on CD from the WCHA Store...!)
Pics coming up...

I am having some photos taken of the canoes and will post them here as soon as I have them. thanks for all the clues guys!
I just got off the phone with Mrs. Johnson. I am trying to arrange a visit to Elmers shop. She said that his molds are still there and that her son took over the shop. She said she'd call me back. I hope to get some photos of the molds and perhaps one of his canoes. We'd like to honor him in our newsletter here in the U.P. as being one of the first builders of W/C canoes up here.
If you can perhaps you can post some of the photos you have.
Peace, Denis
Elmers Canoe

My Husband and I were honored by a dear friend of ours that left us his Canoe when he passed. I believe there is even a plaque on it to Stanley from Elmer it was made specifically for him. it is in pristine condition and we just don't have the time to use it and would love to sell it to someone that would truly enjoy it. I wish we had the kind of house where we could just display it it is truly a piece of art.