kennebec serial number search 22231 17


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Can you please forward information about Kennebec serial number 22231 17 or 33231 17. Tried to Video tape sticking the camera under long decks and can't tell the first two digits for sure. Thanks
Hi Ken, nice meeting you at assembly.

33231 is outside the range of Kennebec serial numbers.

22231 is listed as a 17' Kennebec Model Type B with 48" decks. It was planked by Cameron on 4/5/1930, and canvassed by Maxwell on 5/24/1931 It was originally painted white, and packed by Gregory on 6/7/1930. It was shipped on 6/6/1930 (don't ask me how they packed it after they shipped it...) to customer 30-396. We don't have a key to the customer code, the first part is simply the year, the second part may be an order number.