Kennebec 19572

Kennebec 19572 is an 18-1/2' Maine Guide model that was built in 1928. My notes indicate it may have been a motor canoe. The original Kennebec records are housed at the Maine State Museum. They have allowed us to microfilm them, but do not permit electronic distribution.
Ummm... a motor?

From the 1911 and 1912 catalogs...


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Thanks, Dan-- for the information and the pictures. That "nicely finished steering wheel" sounds cool. I can't help imagining what might exist in somebody's barn...

Thanks! What I meant was what did the shape of the canoe look like. The one Kathy asked about looks like it had an end truncated. From the photo it looks like it may have been a nice job. So I was wondering if it was a shape I was not familiar with - the motor canoe [I mean] and it was a factory done job.
Thanks, Denis
There's lots of ways to make a "motor canoe"; here are a couple other versions from Kennebec...


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The eBay canoe is similar to the example in the ad on the right... but it still seems to me that it looks too chopped-off to be a factory job... the finesse that's apparent in the Kennebec ad isn't present... but perhaps trim details were altered. The eBay canoe (now off auction with no bids) was described as a sixteen footer.

That's a familiar shade of green, by the way... as Denis would say, "deja vu all over again." The other picture is Den's car with the Morris we found on eBay (prior to removal of the glass).


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