Keeping Her Shiny.

Glades Ghost

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I was wondering what techniques different people us to keep their glass covered hulls sparkling new? I've been using Collinite's insulator wax, and know that they have several other products that may be better. My question is simple, whats do the experts recommend?

Note that I use my canoe in fresh and saltwater (about 50/50).

I'm not liking that after saltwater use it gets hazey, and begins to flake off.

Here's the insulator wax and description.|10918|309314|311451&id=651303


3M "One Step" cleaner/wax (marine stores) is made for boats and is awfully good stuff. It contains a small amount of polishing compound and is excellent for bring back slightly dulled fiberglass or painted sirfaces.

Another good one is Zymol (tall blue bottle, about $11 in the automotive dept. at places like Target). While you're there, the same department carries bundles of white, cloth diapers, which are the best scratch-free application cloths for these products that you can buy.