Keel Removal....


Chest Nut
I picked up an 18' Ogilvy last week. It's in good shape, just needs new gunwales. My only concern is that it has a full keel on it. Can this be removed without damaging the canvas to any certain degree. I found it rather tough to turn around in the wind ( empty and no load ) and thought I might look into having the keel removed when I get the gunwales replaced.

Jamie Pembleton
Fredericton, NB

more pics here
It can be done, I've done it to re-bed leaky keels. If you plan to leave it off, you'll need to consider how you are going to patch all the holes where the screws pass through the canvas into the keel...
Thanks Dan

I didn't think it would be too easy of a fix. I'll likely just get the gunwales done keep trying to trade for a canoe that suits me. I can find old canvas canoes around here but not too many 17 - 18 ft Royalex boats.



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Removing the keel may not help that much with the wind.

My 16 foot Pal just has a shoe keel. If I'm solo without some ballast the wind pushes me pretty good.
Patching all the keel holes is a possibility which could be done with a little time and effort but it might not be worth it. Turning a canoe in the wind can be difficult with or with out the keel. If you can reposition yourself in the canoe to take advantage of the wind to help you turn would be more effective. the wind is going to push the part of the canoe that is most out of the water. Changing your position by keeling fwd, leaning aft or getting low in the boat can make a lot of difference in how the boat will turn, with or without the keel.