January Thaw - Introducing "Godzilla"


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
In Memoriam
So, temperatures were actually above freezing this weekend and destined to go even higher. I took advantage of the January Thaw and commenced stripping the old varnish off of Trippin' Bud Dave's new to him 18 ft Chestnut Prospector, Voyageur. It cleaned up nicely.

I typically crank the radio while inhaling methylene chloride and what should come on but Blue Oyster Cult's classic "Godzilla". Since this canoe is BIG and GREEN, I hereby dub it "Godzilla".

I'm not sure Trippin' bud Dave will go for that name in gold leaf on the bow.:rolleyes:

I will post some photos of the Rebirth of Godzilla here:



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Hi Fitz;
Looking forward to seeing you on the water at Rangely next summer!. Send me an email on when your gonna be there and I should have My "Ogilvey" done by then!..ran into a guy from there at "Dee's" funeral who now lives here in South Paris and he wants me to take him and some 5 gallon buckets to go GOLD panning with him as well as some fishing:) I have afriend in Abington who could teach you some real techiques on fly tying and casting if your into that sort of thing. He is currently restoring an OT sponsoned w/c boat! If your interested, send me a private email and I will give you his emails!
The old VIKING who put down the sword!;)
Thar's Gold in Them Thar Hills

I don't get up to Rangeley as much as I would like, but may make the effort more this year to use the sailing canoe.

Swift River in Byron and Nile Brook in Rangeley are famous gold panning spots. There was an old game warden in Rangeley many years ago who claimed you could make a living panning the streams west of Saddleback, but I wouldn't quit your day job!!
Godzilla got new skin

Progress Report:

Ever had one of those days?

Steve Lapey graciously offered to come down and lend a hand putting Godzilla into his new skin. I tried to be organized so as to not waste Steve's precious time. We were going with the upside down method because my garage is not quite long enough for this Monster to go rightside up and have a place to hang the canvas clamp.

The upside down method has always worked for me before. This time it was a no go. We couldn't get a few stubborn wrinkles out. I'm still not sure what the issue was, but it likely had something to do with the geometry. I taught myself geometry in Maine, so that is probably to blame.

So, we reverted to skinning Godzilla right side up. We needed a tripod to hang the clamp from, but otherwise it worked. Godzilla now has new No. 8 skin.

We did learn that it is easier to get UFO's (Unidentified Foreign Objects) between the canvas and hull using the right side up method. Don't ask.

Thanks again Steve for your help with a big canoe on a less than perfect day.



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Green Monster


Finally a color coat on the Green Monster.


Now, how to paint a big gaping mouth full of shark's teeth???.....:eek:

(okay, maybe not).:)
NICE!.....what color is that exactly Fitz?....I am working on another "shark" right now....18 OGL guide!....I think this one should be green also!
Sea Green

Hi Blue Viking:

Sorry, I meant to post the color for folks. This color is Interlux "Sea Green". The paint is still wet in the picture (it darkened some with drying) and it looks a little blue green on my monitor, but it is actually a nice Canoe Green, whatever that is..

I ran a bunch of "greens" by my tripping buddy and this is the one he picked out.
"SHARK"......."SEA GREEN"...????? hope you used copper instead of brass!:eek: ...Just kidding...nice color...I like it!:D

Yah Dan, I had to stop and count, but 8 is about right. When the Monster gets done, I still need to bend those mahogany rails for an OTCA and then there is a OT Trapper that needs skin....Then I am done with boats belonging to friends and maybe could work on one of my own for a change.

But then again, my wife has been waiting for a kayak for several years........:eek:

Tripping Bud Dave is partial to these big boats. He brings a ton of gear, food, and three sons. He has a 20 foot Ogilvy Pool square stern too. I'm not sure who will carry the Monster - I would think it is only fair if he breaks his back? I guess I will have to help until our respective sons get big enough to tote boat.

The more I do on the Monster, the heavier it gets. I still need some finish coats of paint and varnish, seats, and outwales. I carried it last night and it is definitely not getting any lighter. This canoe will be 90 lbs or so. I don't know if it is my imagination, but I have always liked the way Prospectors carry. They seem to be well balanced. This canoe should get field tested in a couple of weeks.

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Jamestown has me backordered on Sea Green for my 16' Prospector. I hope to see it by early next week. Now that I see it on a canope i see why they ran out of the color. On the other hand, why didn't they anticipate the demand?
How much additional weight does #8 add over #10?

Now don't be blaming me for hoarding all the Sea Green! That is only about 1/3 of a quart on there if that!:D

I don't know how much more No. 8 adds over No. 10. 10 or 15 pounds maybe??
Last week they told me this week. I just checked on line and they now have shipping date of May 8 so I called and it seems like that date is the best guess.

I am probably about two weeks from getting really anxious about the paint. The boat is about cured and I hope to bring it down from the rafters the end of next week. If the weather cooroporates I can prime it next weekend and if Jamestown coorporates I can get the green on the following week and by Memorial Day weekend, complete the seats and varnish. And I am in the water by the first of June which has been my goal all along.

I blame Jamestown and interlux for not anticipating the spring rush, not you, Fitz. Got any extra laying around?;)
It's not so much a question in how much more #8 weighs, but how much more it'll take to fill it. Thats where the real weight comes in!:rolleyes:
A lot of folks don't like me because I ask too many questions. In spite of me knowing this, I have to ask Chris, why more filler? Isn't the weave we are filling pretty much the same or does the thicker fabric have deeper? weave? Or what? I wasn't expectiong this response.
Well, I will call it done.

Godzilla gets loaded on the vehicle tomorrow night for a trip to Maine. She will get christened in the waters of the Penobscot.


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Fitz, you are off the hook. Jamestown supposedly shipped the Sea Green on Friday and I expect it today or tomorrow.
And thank you for the seat pics on the other thread - I am clear about how to do the seats, now.