It's Harvey's Fault

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
That tricky Pooka. Well the Roxinator was in the community theater production of Harvey and one of the other cast members now wants us to evaluate and maybe rebuild his kayak.


Looks like cold molded? Who knows about this type of construction? If I knew somebody that did this type of construction, that would be good.

height at front of combing 12"
I forgot to measure the cockpit.

He bought it from his uncle's bicycle shop in Sweden in 1954. Had it shipped to Detroit where he picked it up. Looks like mahog veneer molded construction. The deck canvas, he replaced himself and the outwhales are some kind of trim with original screws. Keel is original. Can't see what that little tag is on the front of the combing.

Help is greatly appreciated.


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I forgot.

the transom is by his father after they left it out under a downspout and chokecherry tree. the stern rotted.

Thanks much benson. i surfed for hours and could not come up wiht anything. i'll check it out.
Trail goes cold.

Well, the kind folks at Struer took a look and deny paternity. But they did suggest it could be a Vituddens kayak works. they also were nice enough to take a look at the photos and also deny it is theirs BUT, they believe that it is built by ABS-factory built in Kungalv, Sweden. And the factory doesn't exist anymore. Interesting Sturer or Vituddens info mentioned that the Swedish Government outlawed epoxy at some point putting that type of construction into the obsolete column. I've never liked kayaks. A passing fad. Just like fiberglass.

I have yet to put stripper on that paint covered metal tag.
1963 catalog pages from ABC Factories, SKungalv, Sweden shows kayak "Eskima", No. 55300. L 15'3", W 1'11", D 9", Brass fin. If it is built like the canoes in the same line the hull was laid up in two halves and joined at the keel with epoxy. The outer layers of veneer are at 90 degrees to the keel.

If anyone would like xerox copies of the the catalog pages send me your mailing addresses.
That should read KUNGALV not SKUNGALV. The logo is a six sided figure with an inner triangle flanked by ABC. In the triangle is an abstract figure riding what might be a lion.

Here are two shots of an ABC Factories "River" canoe, 14'. It was imported in 1965 and has been in storage, never touched water, ever since.



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