It's done.

Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
Call it my Mt. Everest. For the last eleven months in my (our) spare time this OT 13' er underwent a major reconstruction. New decks and stems from Old Town. New spruce inwhales and outwhales. Most of the ribs (white cedar). All of the planking (red cedar). Number 12 canvas. Bill Clements filler. Kirby paint. Painter rings from Old Town. The only things original: bolts/nuts, center thwart, seven ribs, and its soul. I did it for a friend. His daughter saw it and told me she grew up in that canoe. Now her boys can too. Here are a couple photos. Note my secret weapon, The Roxinator. Couldn't have done it without her.


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You've answered a question you may have heard (or sometimes asked yourself) over and over again: "why...". Congratulations, Dave. It's poetry, without any words: it's connections between people and among generations... it's the promise of connections between people and all that we find-- in the world and in ourselves-- when we're paddling... it's things for which there are no words, only feelings, and knowing that something has come full-circle.

154524 Ot

Splinter, like Bob says if I can do it anybody can. It is lke eating an elephant,------one bite at a time.
Eric, Close guess. It's blind green. I spent alot of time reviewing Pam's articles on painting and varnishing. Got a brush spinner and everything. Next time I will use high build primer because it sands easier. (And because Pam uses it.) Rox read and re-read the articles and then underlined her favorite parts.
Bob, that's fast work. Your garage is too organized. And that's The Roxinator, my sweetie of 34 years, but you knew that. Liz Shaw from the Journal is coming out the day we deliver the canoe. She is doing a follow up article. Emory insists that Rox and I paddle it down his section of the river first. I got that old Penn Yan Guide back. It is beyond help but makes a good reference for building new ones. And I have a new old project. See my other post.

This project has been quite an experience and I don't think I would have done it for any one but Emory. His story of how he got it for his birthday drew me in. Sentimental. I had to try.