Is it just me ....?

Roger Young

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Is it just me, and my sluggish, poor, deteriorating, Bell Canada dial-up Internet connection, or is there another answer? I suffer agonizing delays trying to get 'thumbnail' photos to enlarge under the new photo system. I sometimes wait 4 or 5 minutes (normal), or as long as 10 - 13 minutes (fairly often) to get page changes, etc.

Bell refuses to give me high speed, so I am condemned to living with a connectivity system which most turtles could beat (45 kbps, or even half!). Not even the competing Internet services have any better answer. 'Rocket sticks', etc., are no help because there isn't a tower anywhere close enough to pick up a signal. It does seem though, from fading memory, that under the old WCHA photo system I could get a thumbnail to enlarge almost instantaneously, whereas now, it takes forever. So many 'improvements' in computer-land do wonderful things for those on 'high speed', but some of us are stuck with the dinosaur technology, whether we want to be there or not, and some 'gains' for others leave us further behind, even if we have up-graded, dual core pc's. It doesn't seem to be lack of power at my end, just connectivity in between.

Just wondering what I can do to better enjoy the photo attachments that I'd love to see without falling asleep waiting for them to appear?

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It's good to know when people are having problems with the way things work on this board.

I have DSL and the images materialize after a few "whirls"... occasionally there'll be a delay. Denis has a slower computer and sometimes he'll say the thing is whirling without any evidence that a picture will materialize... and since we're on the same DSL, I've thought the difference might be due to my computer having more RAM (or whatever the difference might be--- his computer is several years older).

But my guess is that the problem of slowness is most likely due to dial-up, and this is something we need to address. I had dial-up until about a year ago, and had no problem with images on this board under the old system.

I hope others with dial-up will chime-in, and we can reach a consensus. Thanks for the heads-up, Roger.

I have just changed the "vBulletin Options | Message Attachment Options | Use Image Lightbox" setting to "No" so attached images should load in a new window like they did before. Please reply here if this does not improve things or if you have any other suggestions. Thanks,


when i had dial up I aLSo had an older computer. the memory was full and it was very slow. and then i got a virus. I bought a laptop with tons more power for around $600. I had some trouble getting it going what with the update to windows 7 being a challenge but now all is well. The dial up was fine if the photos were 100k or less. But now i can see youtube and surf fast. YOu may have no memory left in your computer, that is.
Thanks Benson.

A vast improvement. I am now getting instantaneous 'blow-ups' of thumbnails without waiting for them to appear in the small black frame, and no 'whirly' bit spiralling in the center. The blow-ups are larger and very clear. Much appreciated.

I didn't think the problem was in my computer. I'm running Windows XP on a dual core Gateway with "2,048.00 MB of total physical memory; 1.19 GB available physical memory; 2.00 GB total virtual memory; 1.96 GB available virtual memory and 3.72 GB page file space". My 2 hard drives have a total of 255 GB memory, of which about 90% is 'free space'. I have good virus protection, checked regularly and up-dated daily. I don't have a clue what all the numbers mean, but I'm told that my system should handle everything I do with it, which only uses about 5% or less of its capacity and ability.

Anyway, thanks for resolving the thumbnail enlargement problem. It's great to be able to quickly view the photos again.

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