Inwale Scuppers...


It seems to me that the origin of "scuppers" came from copying the look of canoes made with vertical ribs. After installing the inwales and outwales, you were automatically left with "scuppers" and with the newer bead and cove strippers, the process or look has just been continued.. My question is: Do you really need them? Most of the traditional strippers have them but I am seeing several new designs without them at all. I have been told that they are required for water drainage and to a lesser extent, weight but the water issue depends on how you store the canoe. How about some pro's and con's for the use of scuppers. I am leaning towards just not putting them in at all on my Nomad 17'...
It truly is personal preference. The scuppers provide a traditional look, save a little bit of weight, allow better drainage in certain conditions, and provides a place for tie-down straps or line.